About Nutshell Conferences

For the last 17 years, we are in the business of convening, attracting, harnessing, and sharing excellence. The way we think, excellence a practice to innovate, and pivot to new paradigms. To put it in a nutshell, we strive every day to curate and convene stories of excellence from near and far, across businesses & economy, for the greater good of communities and this planet at large.


For us, this pandemic has provided an impetus for our spirit to forge ahead. As we see the splendor of our trademark physical summits fall to the wayside, we found ourselves taking our first steps into meeting friends through virtual meetings, and found that we were undaunted by the unfamiliarity. The virtual conference design has opened new horizons for our business, underscored by agility and perseverance, and belief that our work is more relevant today than ever before, to transcend geography, and has accelerated our efforts for diversity, outreach, and impact.


The year 2020 has been crucial for us to build our legacy of striving, of persistence, of innate agility in an uncertain world. We believe we are now perfectly poised to create a synergy between a safe return to physical conferences, and virtual forums in an inclusive format, aligned with our mission to convene journeys of excellence.


We cherish our learnings from a series of successes, in a varying economic climate, and have established ourselves as a trusted name in offering customized conference management, global business summits, and enriching conversations. Nutshell Conferences is committed in creating a difference with excellence at its heart. We believe this is our moment to play our part in history, where we see the people around us needing builders of bridges, of consensus, of human connections.


Nutshell Conferences remains committed to its role as a connector and bringing together leading minds and hearts of the world. We believe life is a team sport, and this is our moment.

Founder's Message

At Nutshell Conferences we get into the broad strokes and fine print of making the world a better place through reinvention of the old paradigm that has increasingly proved unsustainable because of its inflexible reliance on methods and practices that have outlived their utility and are not feasible now. While cumbersome, overextended supply chains are taking hit in the post-COVID-19 “New Normal”, and countries are looking inward to build self-reliance and consolidate their production base under one roof, the fact remains that globalization has come to stay, though maybe in slightly different format, with an urgent need for crisp and clear communication that articulates the viewpoint of thought leaders from around the world on lagged issues that clamor for immediate attention.


The maximization mantra has given way to a cry for optimization. Global warming-induced climate change unites the world today as never before. Our wasteful ways have fueled the ires of inequality, making large swathes of humanity vulnerable in the extreme to unprecedented precipitation, violent storms, heatwaves, food scarcity, and rising sea levels.


The post-COVID-19 period promises a vast ocean of uncharted waters. Nutshell Conferences is primed to navigate successfully the new emergent paradigms, staffed by a crew that gives agility a new meaning both at the mental and physical levels.


The business demands are immense to reinvent and preempt disruptions before they occur, harnessing Artificial Intelligence and taking business forecasting to new heights in the gaining of competitive advantage on a dynamic playing field where change is the only constant. The Human Factor commands an all-time high premium, more so now than ever before. The crew at Nutshell Conferences promises to provide its clients with just the kind of competitive advantage crucial to the attainment of success.


Muhammad Azfar Ahsan
Founder & Chairman, Nutshell Conferences

Nutshell Core Values
Founder's Profile

Muhammad Azfar Ahsan is a global influencer, business connector, change activist, philanthropist, non-partisan political analyst, and entrepreneur based out of Pakistan. As Founder CEO of Nutshell Forum, an international conference management and training resource organization, he has organized more than four hundred national and international conferences, seminars, training workshops, and group discussions in Pakistan, Singapore, Malaysia, Sri Lanka, Dubai, and Bahrain. He is the thought leader behind Pakistan’s biggest corporate event LEADERS IN ISLAMABAD Summit; an annual leaders conference in Islamabad attracted global leaders from various backgrounds as speakers. He hosted hundreds of foreign nationals in Pakistan in the last sixteen years.


He is Member Fundraising Advisory Board of Shaukat Khanum Cancer Hospital Karachi project. He is the Member Executive Council of Marketing Association Pakistan, an apex body of marketing in Pakistan. He served as Chairman of MARCON, Pakistan’s flagship marketing event. Azfar also initiated to publish a book called “PAKISTAN: Charting Its Untapped Potential”. Azfar is also a Member of the Board of Directors of the Institute of Financial Markets of Pakistan, RYTS Global (Rytsglobal.com), and Make-A-Wish Foundation Pakistan.


Azfar is the Founder of CORPORATE PAKISTAN GROUP (CPG). CPG represents the elite of Pakistan national intelligentsia including corporate & business leaders, ministers, senators, governors, federal secretaries, politicians, distinguished academicians, energy experts, tech entrepreneurs, defense personnel, police officers, foreign policy experts, media practitioners and movers and shakers of civil society.


In the last eighteen years, he managed dozens of community projects all over Pakistan in the field of health and education. He is affiliated with several professional organizations including Pakistan US Alumni Network, OPEN – Organization for Pakistan Entrepreneurs in North America, International Federation for Training Development Organizations – IFTDO, and English Speaking Union of Pakistan. In 2008 US State Department invited him as State Guest under the auspices of International Visitor Leadership Program (IVLP – the most prestigious program of US State Department) on “NGO Management”. Specialties: Image Marketing, Engagement of Civil Society, Conference Management; Corporate & Business Collaborations; and Management of Non-profit Organizations.