Douglas Corley

Douglas is a Beijing-based healthcare entrepreneur. He works to bridge solutions to solve health system problems by bringing best-in-class technologies into emerging economies. Selected roles: Founder & CEO, DHB Global, CEO, Alaunius Technology, Global Panel Member, MIT Technology Review, Member, Druid Collective, Mentor, Schwarzman Scholars.

DHB Global is a healthcare consulting firm that bridges leading pharma technologies between China and the world. The team has 15+ years of experience and has worked with leading multinational companies to bring new cancer treatments and R&D projects into China. DHB Global works with 100+ hospitals and research institutions in America as well as 150+ across Europe.

As COVID began to take hold, DHB Global was asked to join a task force at the World Economic Forum and have since been working with 35 national governments and Ministries of Health to source COVID response equipment.