Dr. Ebrahim Khalifa Al Dossary


Dr. Ebrahim Khalifa Al Dossary is Adviser to the Prime Minister of Bahrain & Chairman of IFTDO – International Federation of Training & Development Organizations.


Dr. Al Dossary is a respected leader in the field of management in the Arab world. He is one of the unique Bahrainis who have worked extremely hard on people Development not only in Bahrain or GCC but also globally. Dr. Al Dossary has been awarded many times for his Noble beliefs in Human Resource Development. Playing a key role as Director General and Adviser to the Prime Minister of the Kingdom of Bahrain – HRH the Prince Sheikh Khalifa bin Salman Al Khalifa, Dr. Al Dossary is also prominent in the business sector as Chairman, CEO, and Board member with many major institutions and public shareholding companies in Bahrain.


He was awarded the “Sheikh Issa bin Salman National Medal” by the King of Bahrain and a medal awarded by IFTDO. Dr. Al Dossary is the Member Board of Trustees of the Arabian Society for Human Resource Management (ASHRM). Based in ARAMCO Saudi Arabia and staffed by nationals, ASHRM is the world’s first and only society dedicated to the development of HR professionals in the Arab world.


A founding member of Arab Management Association, Bahrain Management Society, and Bahrain Society for Training & Development and currently Chief Executive and Advisor to the Board of Bahrain Society for Training & Development, Dr. Al Dossary was the first Gulf national ever to be appointed as President of the International Federation for Training & Development Organizations – IFTDO (currently represents more than 500,000 professionals in over 30 countries). He also served as the Chairman of IFTDO and currently, he is a Board member of IFTDO. A much-respected figure for his forthright and uncompromising stance and with a passion for developing human potential, Dr. Al Dossary completed his BSC in Industrial Management, and his Ph.D. from Middlesex, UK.