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In the last few decades the tempo in the global economy had built up to a crescendo of epic proportions with China and the USA locked in a war of attrition while Brexit dominated the news alongside as the UK tried to extricate itself from a European Union it did not feel a part of anymore. It was ruthless and merciless with unfettered aggression the common denominator that divided people across the world as never before.The global scourge that put large swaths of humanity under house arrest, forcing it into a physical separation that came to be known rather mildly as social distancing. Familiarity, too much of it, had bred contempt, and now distance would make the heart feel fonder. A new world order awaits us at the end of the lockdown tunnel. People have had the brakes applied upon their daily mad dash and been forced into lengthy periods of reflection and contemplation, two critical activities which we generally ignored as we engaged 24/7 in our relentless pursuit of profit and pleasure.The DIVERSITY & INCLUSION CONFERENCE comes at a most opportune moment, and as the world pauses and ponders the way forward the motto of the three Musketeers comes to mind – One For All, and All For One! Economies around the world are in free fall and no one can say with any certainty when the tables will turn on COVID-19. But turn they will, Inshallah, and we shall once again roam the Earth, a greatly regenerated Earth, only this time we must ensure that we step lightly and with humility, and seek not just our own personal enrichment, but the enrichment of society at large within which we thrive and prosper.DIVERSITY & INCLUSION CONFERENCE features intensive debates, keynote talks and conversations. We’re looking forward to great conversations with great colleagues and that, we hope, includes you! See you on Thursday, April 16, 2020 (6:00 pm Dubai, 7:00 pm Islamabad & 10:00 am New York time) at DIVERSITY & INCLUSION CONFERENCE!
Founder, Nutshell Group & CORPORATE PAKISTAN GROUP; Ex-Minister of State & Chairman, Board of Investment
Member Board of Directors Gaucho Group Holdings & Member Board of Directors Saudi Tourism Authority
British-American Journalist, Auther and Executive Editor, UK
Head of Events Solutions, Asia Pacific, BI Worldwide
Founder & CEO, Health Augmented, USA
Country Head Pakistan, Friedrich Naumann Foundation of Freedom
Founder, CIRCLE & Board Member, National Bank of Pakistan
Cheif Innovation Officer Europe, Middle East & Africa, SAP
Executive Director, Emerging Public Leaders, USA & Ghana
Author, Founder & CEO GrY Rhino & Company, USA
Executive Director People, ACCA
Managing Director Asia – Content Solution & Events, The Economist
CEO, The Female Quotient, USA
Syed Veqar ul Islam
CEO & Director, Jaffer Business Systems
Ron Thomas
Managing Director, Strategy Focus Group
Managing Director – Africa & Middle East, 3M
Olga Diakova
Chairperson Central Europe, David Lynch Foundation & CEO, 02PR
Julia Middleton
Founder, Common Purpose UK & Author of “Beyond Authority: Leadership in a Changing World”
James Michael Lafferty
Olympic Coach, Author, Philanthropist & Speaker
Member National Assembly & Parliamentary Secretary, Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Pakistan
Professor of IT Management, Ted Rogers School of Management, Ryerson University and Founder & Director, Diversity Institute, Canada
Global CEO, Acumen & Advisor, Harvard Business School’s Social Enterprise Initiative
Managing Director, People First Middle East
Founder, ChangeTanzania & CEO, Kwanza TV & Compass Communications, Africa
Country General Manager  Pakistan & Afghanistan, IBM
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